Listen to the HITS

1. Untie Me f/Untie_Me_Comin__at_Cha.wma

2. Too Much Foolin' Around  f/Too_Much_Foolin__Around_Steppin__Out_in_the_Light.wma

3.  What Kind of Fool /f/13_-_Track_13.mp3

4.  Be Young, Be Foolish, Be Happy /f/02_-_Track_2.mp3

5.  I've Been Hurt  /f/03_-_Track_3.mp3

6.  Hey Girl /f/01_-_Track_1.mp3

7.  This Love will Last  /f/This_Love_Will_Last_Comin__at_Cha.wma

8.  Main Squeeze  /f/My_Main_Squeeze_Comin__at_Cha.wma







Hey Girl Don't Bother Me

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